Beaconsfield Solar Passive Hemp Home

Architect: Barbara Cullity,
Builder: Wandoo Design & Construction Pty. Ltd.
David Carbon & Moss Johnson

“This ultra sustainable, passive solar house is built on a sloping block, with living areas to the North on a concrete slab and bedrooms on an insulated, suspended timber floor over a 45,000L in-ground rainwater tank. Large windows on the North allow the sun to warm the house in winter, while shading and high louvre windows are designed to keep it cool in summer without the need for air conditioning.

The house is built from all natural, non-toxic materials and when finished will be self-sufficient for power and water.

The external walls are 270mm thick cast-in-situ hempcrete, with an internal timber frame and Supaboard magnesium oxide internal lining, which also served as permanent formwork for the hempcrete installation.

The lime-rendered hempcrete walls not only store carbon, but are high in insulation and remain vapour-permeable and breathable, regulating the humidity in the house by absorbing moisture when it is damp and then releasing it again when it is dry.

This is the first cast-in-situ hempcrete house in the Perth metro area and we were very lucky to have the expertise of Mikkel and his team for the installation. The client can`t wait to move in and start her permaculture garden.”

- Architect Barbara Cullity from Sustainable Design Solutions


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